Saturday, 29 December 2007

Closing Down?

Well, no, not quite. I have decided to use this particular blog in a different way, though. I intend to move the pieces that are advertised here onto Etsy, and to use this blog to talk about life on Etsy, and some of the wonderful people that I've met in the short three months I've been there.

For example, I've traded several of my pieces for other peoples' work; the cloth in the last blog post here, along with another piece has gone off to the US, traded for a couple of bags from Sue of SueStitches She makes wonderful things! And a painting went off to the US in return for a beautiful necklace! Selling is good...but trading is good, too! I'm always prepared to consider a trade, if you have an etsy shop, convo me to discuss it!

Saturday, 1 December 2007

For Sale On Etsy....

this lovely piece of hand dyed cotton, high quality poplin, high thread count...check it out here
More writing when I've got over the flu...sob, cough, splutter!