Saturday, 31 May 2008

Here Be Dragons!

Well, okay, one dragon, but he's a biggie! Dragons are legendary for having treasure hoards, and this blue dragon is eyeing up a beautiful piece of glass made by my friend and fellow Etsy artist Chauncey; I talked about her on the other blog here. She makes wonderful glass jewellery, and very kindly sent me a couple of extra pieces with the larger one I talked about on the other blog. One of them just seemed to be perfect for this particular piece, and it finishes it off wonderfully, I think.

I'm entranced by glass, and have always wanted to work with it in my work. And now it's happening... isn't that wonderful! I'll be using other pieces in future works. Right now, though, like a dragon, I'm guarding my hoard against invaders...except for this piece, of course, it's in the artmixter shop right here (it's worth checking it out just for the closeups of the dragon and the glass!)