Friday, 28 March 2008

Need A Little Inspiration?

Meet Millie The Muse! I have been making totem dolls for several years now, but Chauncey, one of my BBEST friends on Etsy, said that she thought they ought to be called muse dolls, because she thought that that was exactly what they were! And everyone who has one, has said that they keep it in their workspace within view, so I thought I would make a Muse Doll or two, just for fun. You can find her for sale here, if you feel you can't live without her!

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Tidying Up.

I know, it's not like me, but I feel the need for a little spring cleaning in my shop. So, I've decided that the paintings section is going to close, given that I have another shop, purelypainting, where my paintings are supposed to live! Others, though, I've reduced in price by at least half, like this one here, Winter Dreaming Spring, an encaustic painting. So feel free to drop in here for a look at what's on offer!

Another thing tidied away is my Dawanda shop; I felt that it wasn't for me. But I'm still lurking on etsy and mintd...and having fun!