Sunday, 29 August 2010

Exquisite Evolon... finally here! Evolon is a non woven polyester/nylon cloth, a microfibre, which is a bit like working with suede or velvet. Like Lutradur, it does not fray, and tolerates heat well, so takes transfer dyes beautifully. However, as there is a nylon element, it is also possible to acid dye, making it really easy to colour. I couldn't resist writing a book about it, as I'm a texture fan, and the texture of this cloth is just gorgeous.

The book has ten chapters, which split into three sections. The first talks about dyeing using both transfer and acid dyes, whilst the second discusses inkjet printing and distressing using heat (burning), two of the special effects you can achieve with this flexible cloth. The remaining chapters are projects, which are discussed step by step with process photographs. The projects include knitting with Evolon, making a rust dyed wall hanging, and a fab jacket, as well as some easy embellishments. The projects are followed by a gallery of images of different kinds of work made by using Evolon, from a number of different artists, with a variety of different skill levels, most of whom had never worked with Evolon before. Tracy Borders describes her experience of making work for the book here; other artists include Sally Bramald, the UK queen of feather quilting, who made a fantastic whole cloth quilt for the book....and who is still talking to me, despite me asking her to work with polyester!

The introduction reads;
' I hope you will find lots of different ideas about how to use Evolon both in textile art and in making things for your home. It is such a versatile material. The projects in this book are intended to inspire you to try out some of the techniques I use in making my own art. You can work through them, one by one, or select those which appeal to you most, or match your skills. Use them as a springboard for your own creativity; why not try designing your own art doll, just as I have done in Chapter 5.'

You can buy Exquisite Evolon here... if you are in the UK, use the top button. If you are in Europe, use the middle button, and if you are in the USA or Canada, use the bottom button. If you are elsewhere in the world, please contact me for a mailing price before you buy. Wholesale terms are available; please contact me via email for more information.

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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Wonderful Workshops...

or at least, I hope they are! This is the most recent list of my workshops, if anyone would like more details, please email me. Whilst I'm based in Norfolk, I'm happy to travel anywhere, in the UK and beyond, and have taught in French as well as English. In theory, I could do so in Russian too, if anyone's interested out there!

Marion Barnett : Workshops, 2010-11

Mixed Media

Collage Basics 1 day
Experiment with collage techniques using paper, cloth, paint and found objects to create an
exciting small piece of work. Suitable for anyone who enjoys working with colour and
texture; previous experience of either collage or painting not required.

Altered Books 1 day
Create a piece of original art from a child’s board book. This class takes you through all
the stages of preparing your book, creating backgrounds and then filling your book with
whatever you wish!

Artists Trading Cards ½ day
ATCs are small pieces of original art, which can be made from any medium, but which always
measure 2 ½” by 3 ½”. Have fun making a selection of these cards, using stamps, paints,
collage, anything you like!

Waxing Lyrical 1 day
Learn how to use wax as a resist, to create patterns on paper and fabric. Then use it as a
way of adding interest to your collage or mixed media work.

Mixed Media Play Day (1 day)
Come and experiment with a wide range of materials and media; no holds barred! I will
demonstrate the uses of the materials available, and then you can try them out.
NB this workshop can also be run on a half day basis, focussing on one particular medium.


Getting It Finished : Altered Quilts (1 day)
We all have quilts that we have started and abandoned when we can’t ‘get it right’, but
which we don’t throw away for any number of reasons. This workshop looks at how best to
work with those UFOs; how to diagnose the problems and fix them, turning a problem child
into a star! Each participant will bring a piece that they would like to finish, and
together, we will identify the issues and come up with a strategy to deal with them, as
well as looking at how we can avoid such issues in the future.

Lovely Lutradur : Adding Colour Play Day(1 day)
This workshop introduces working with lutradur, and will allow you to try working with all
four available weights of lutradur. We will experiment with transfer (disperse) dyes,
paints, inks and chalks, separately and in combination, and create a useful set of samples
contained within a hand sewn journal.

Lovely Lutradur : Working With Transparency
Lutradur’s special feature is transparency. In this workshop, you will learn how to use it
to best effect in combination with patterns and prints. Each participant will print a
textile base cloth, and then design and make a coloured lutradur piece to cover it, making
a unified image from the two layers, a quilt top ready for stitch. The two lutradur
workshops may be combined over one weekend.

Workshop: Working Intuitively (1 day)
This workshop lets you consider the process of making work. Often, we do the same thing,
over and over again. We start with an idea, make the cloth, or purchase it, assemble the
quilt top and then quilt it. This workshop encourages you to abandon that way of working,
to mix up the order in which you do things and to combine techniques at different stages in
the work.

Workshop: Learning To Dye (1 day)
This is an introduction to dyeing with Procion MX dyes. Participants will learn about the
dyes themselves, mix and apply them. We will also try out making some basic patterns,
using folded and tied resists. We will also try out overdyeing cloth that we don’t like.

Workshop: Learning to Dye Paint and Print (1 day)
This leads on from the Learning To Dye workshop. We will use thickened dyes to make dye
paintings, as well as making mono and block prints.
The dyeing workshops may be combined to make a two day workshop.

Textiles Play Day (1 day)
Come and experiment with a wide range of materials and media; no holds barred! I will
demonstrate the uses of the materials available, and then you can try them out.
NB this workshop can also be run on a half day basis, focussing on one particular medium.

Inspiration Journal (1 day)
I’m often asked where I get my ideas from, or what I do when I’m stuck. This particular
workshop shares a number of techniques for generating ideas for work. Participants will
select a theme and create a folded book with lots of different ideas on that theme, making
it the starting point for new work, whether textile, mixed media or paper. This is a
particularly helpful workshop for anyone who wants to begin to work in series. On the
second day, each participant will develop one of the ideas into a cohesive piece of work.

Finding Your Creative Focus (1 day).
An opportunity to review your current practice with other artists and an experienced
facilitator/creativity coach, and consider how to move forward. This is particularly
useful for people who feel ‘blocked’ or ‘stuck’ in their artwork. Or it would be suitable
for people who want to return to making art after a break of some kind.

ps the image is an Artist's Trading Card; the background is made using shaving foam printing with Brusho, and the tree is stamped on using thickened Brusho.