Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Workshops 2013-15


I've been out of touch, and out of the workshop scene for over two years, now, mainly due to a grumpy gall bladder and a touch of the old depression thing... but, having applied (successfully, I hope) to Festival of Quilts to teach this year, I thought a revised list of workshops might be A Good Thing.  So, here it is!  If you are interested, and would like more information, please email me here.  I love teaching, and haven't done enought of it this year at all... but I am working on a couple of new books, too, so a couple of the workshops are based on the books.  Wonder if you can guess which ones...?
ps the image shows two postcards made from my lutradur postcard kit, which will be for sale on the internet very soon!  Watch this space!

Workshops  : 2013 – 15
Marion Barnett is a Scottish textile artist living and working in Norfolk, UK.  She has taught all over the country and abroad, including teaching regularly at Festival of Quilts. She has written three books, two on textiles and one on creativity, and is currently working on two more, one on working with photographs to create landscapes, and another on Constructed Textiles.  She also creates ebooks and kits for people who want to try out a particular technique with minimum fuss and cost.  She is able to provide kits for all her workshops, discounted from the normal price.  Marion also gives talks and demonstrations in textile techniques, and is happy to create bespoke workshops for groups on request.

Quick and Easy Lutradur Postcards : 1 day
Learn to make postcards from lutradur .   You will design, colour and create your own postcards using transfer dyes and paints, and stitch them by hand. 
Lovely Lutradur Beads: 1 day
In the first part of the workshop, you will colour the fabric using transfer paints. After transforming  your fabric into beads and embellishments using heat guns and soldering irons, we will use paints, glitter etc to embellish them.  The beads can be used as embellishments on quilts, or for textile jewellery; we will make a piece of textile jewellery with the beads  you produce.
Quick and Easy Evolon Postcards : 1 day
Learn to make postcards from Evolon.   You will design, colour and create your own postcards using transfer dyes and paints, and stitch them by hand. 
Monoprint Magic : 1 Day
Learn a quick and easy way of creating unique prints on fabric, using three linked techniques.  We will be printing on Evolon using transfer paints. 
Basic Block Printing : 1 Day
Always wanted to print, but not sure where to start?  This workshop shows you how to carve and print with your own blocks, using a variety of different materials, some of which you can make by recycling packaging and other materials.
Snaptastic Stitch : 1 or 2 Days
Bring one of your own photographs, and learn how to use them to make designs for a series of quilts.  If extended to two days, the second day will involve making a small quilt based on one of your designs.
Two Shapes And A Line : 1 or 2 Days
A quick and easy approach to designing your own applique patterns.  You will end up with a range of designs based on the ’two shapes and a line’ concept, and, if extended to two days, will make a small wall hanging using one of your own designs.