Friday, 22 November 2013

Workshops In The Little Green Shed 2013 - 15

Those of you who have known me for a while, will know that my pride and joy is The Little Green Shed, my 20ft by 10ft studio.  It's remarkably well equipped, but of course, it's usually only me who uses it.  I thought that that was a bit of a waste, and the idea of workshops in the Little Green Shed was born.  The idea is simple; come and learn a new skill, or develop an existing one, using my equipment and with my help.  I supply most of the materials as well as the equipment, and a light lunch is included.  I can take up to four people at a time, and the total cost is £120.

These workshops are bespoke; if you want to try something out for the first time, I will design an introductory workshop; if you are more skilled, tell me what you want to concentrate on, and I will design something to meet your specific needs.  And if you're not sure what you want... email me to talk about it!

Click here for pictures of a workshop I did with one group..they had lots of fun, and I'm sure you would, too!

The list of topics I cover is given here ;

Altered Art (books, shoes, boxes, bags, quilts name it, we can alter it!)
Artist's Trading Cards
Artists Journals and Sketchbooks
Basic Batik
Basic Book Binding
Basic Hand Stitch (decorative)
Book Covers (stitched)
Cloth Dolls (Keyhole Kate)
Colouring Paper and Cloth
Dyeing using Acid Dyes
Dyeing using Fibre Reactive (Procion) Dyes
Dyeing using Transfer Dyes
Exquisite Evolon
Fabric Postcards
Fascinator Fun
Feltmaking (wet and dry)
Finding Inspiration
Free Motion Stitching For Texture
Lovely Lutradur.
Mixed Media Painting
Paper Making
Printing with Natural Materials
Screen Printing
Silk Paper Making.

If you don't see the topic you would like to learn, why not ask me?  I might be able to help!  Or check out the workshops I do for larger groups for more information.

PS The Little Green Shed is in Longham, near Dereham, Norfolk (UK); if you come from further afield, but want to come for a weekend in glorious rural surroundings, there is plenty of good, local accommodation, including the village pub, just round the corner!