Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Studio Days In The Little Green Shed

Wish you had your own studio?  Got an art or craft form you would love to try, but don’t have the equipment?  The Little Green Shed is a fully equipped artist’s studio, 20ft by 10ft, owned and managed by wee me in the lovely Norfolk countryside.  Why not come and have a Studio Day with me, with full access to the equipment and materials in the Little Green Shed?

So, what is a Studio Day?  A Studio Day is your own personal, bespoke workshop, letting you work with me, with access to my materials as well as anything you want to bring with you and full tuition. You can select from a wide range of topics, or I can design something specifically to suit your needs.  Studio Days are intended for small groups of up to four people (five, at a squeeze!) and lets you concentrate on learning something new, with no distractions.  Because groups are so small, it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or an experienced maker, the workshop will be tailored to everyone's needs. 
If you can’t pull together a group, or don’t want to spend a whole day, you can book studio time with me by the hour or half day, as well as by the day.  

Studio Day Topics
You can choose from any of these topics, as well as a whole range of textile techniques which apparently I forgot to mention, like dyeing, felt making and paper making.    If your group is larger than four, alternative premises can be arranged; or I can bring the workshop to a venue of your choice!

Altered Art
Altered Art is a way of turning anything into a piece of art, from a book, to a shoe, to a bag, to a matchbox!  Just tell me what you want to create, and we’ll turn it into something special.

Introduction To Collage
Introduce variety, texture and interest to your work by combining cloth, papers and found items with paint  on board.  Great fun and a really interesting way of recycling materials, including artworks that you’re not happy with.

Introduction To Fabric Collage
A similar workshop to Introduction to Collage, above, but with stitch as part of the making and embellishing of the work. 

Working Intuitively
 Often, we do things in the same way, over and over again. We start with an idea, gather the materials, use them, and then finish and possibly frame it. This workshop encourages you to abandon that way of working, through a series of exercises that help you to try different approaches.  Scary, maybe, but worth it!

Textiles Play Day
Come and experiment with a wide range of materials and media; no holds barred! I will
demonstrate the uses of the materials available, and then you can try them out.

Mixed Media Play Day
As Textiles Play Day, above.  Includes encaustic paints as well as more traditional ways of working.

Quick and Easy Lutradur Postcards : 1 day
Learn to make postcards from lutradur .   You will design, colour and create your own postcards using transfer dyes and paints, and stitch them by hand. 

Lovely Lutradur Beads: 1 day
In the first part of the workshop, you will colour the fabric using transfer paints. After transforming  your fabric into beads and embellishments using heat guns and soldering irons, we will use paints, glitter etc to embellish them.  The beads can be used as embellishments on quilts, or for textile jewellery; we will make a piece of textile jewellery with the beads  you produce.

Quick and Easy Evolon Postcards
Learn to make postcards from Evolon.   You will design, colour and create your own postcards using transfer dyes and paints, and stitch them by hand. 

Monoprint Magic
Learn a quick and easy way of creating unique prints on fabric, using three linked techniques.  We will be printing on Evolon using transfer paints. 

Basic Block Printing
Always wanted to print, but not sure where to start?  This workshop shows you how to carve and print with your own blocks, using a variety of different materials, some of which you can make by recycling packaging and other materials.

Bring one of your own photographs, and learn how to use them to make designs for a series of quilts or mixed media works.

Two Shapes And A Line
A quick and easy approach to designing your own motifs and patterns.  You will end up with a range of designs based on the ’two shapes and a line’ concept. 

For more information, please contact : Marion Barnett, Skinflints, Chapel Road, Longham NR19 2RN.
Tel: 01362 687710, email: lutradur@tiscali.co.uk

Prices: Min. £30 per head (based on a group of four for a day); total cost, £120, regardless of number of participants including most materials and equipment use; free refreshments and home made cake.