Sunday, 10 February 2008

Decisions, Decisions...

I've been thinking about Etsy, and what I make and sell, and finally realised that it's all Just A Bit Much. So, rather than spread myself thin, I've decided to turn my artmixter shop into a place where there is only textile art, and purelypainting into exactly that, anything with paint on it (other than textiles...). And I've also decided not to list any more mixed media, like this piece here... I've never really felt comfortable with collage, somehow making work like this is just not me... and I'm not even sure why that is. So I've decided to keep it for fun, and the occasional ACEO (with paint on, so that it qualifies for purelypainting!), and to close the mixed media section.

This is a very longwinded way of telling you about a half price (and sometimes more) SALE on the artmixter shop (click on the capitalised sale to go straight to the section). Help me make space for more textiles in the shop! And at home, of course!


Karen Hall said...

Bold decision .... but I do love your textiles - so a good one in my book!
Also it is a good plan not to spread yourself to thin - but go with what you love.

Jean Levert Hood said...

Marion, the absolute best to you for your new direction!