Thursday, 28 February 2008

Two New Totem Dolls....

are appearing in the artmixter shop today. The first is 'Ash', and she represents the stability of trees, despite the fact that they change constantly. A good totem for anyone who feels that change is sweeping them away. The second is 'Dreamer'. She looks as if she is in a world of her own, dressed in floaty, dreamy clothes (silk and satin). Need to take some time out to dream? Dreamer would be your ideal totem. Check them out in more detail here

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Digital Polaroids said...

Marion, thanks for tour rusting recipe, I didn't know how to use rust in chothe. Is it washable after the process?

By the way, I LOVE your work!!
After your comment, I took a ride through your blogs, and I found I have favourited two of them without knowing you. So I am a real admirer. See you soon!