Tuesday, 10 June 2008


I've been making a lot of small work, recently, and though I would list a larger painting, for a change. Borderline is an original abstract oil painting, measuring 23.5" square. In some ways, it could be called an inner landscape. It was inspired by a Joni Mitchell song of the same name; 'Out on some border line, Some mark of in between, I lay down frozen in time, And woke up vanishing'. It is a beautiful song; I'm a real Joni Mitchell fan! I rarely make work inspired by music, but I love this particular song, and hope that the piece reflects it in some way. This painting is bright, strong, and features impasto, or textured painting...to see what I mean, check out the closeups here

Borderline, along with other oil paintings, can be found in my purelypainting etsy shop

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Fabulous work, love the colours! Greetings from Scotland to you :0)