Friday, 8 August 2008

Lovely Lutradur

Lovely Lutradur is an E-book, or book on CD, 88 pages long, filled with information on how to colour and use this versatile fabric.



Section 1. Learning about Lutradur

An overview of the material itself

Adding colour to Lutradur

Method for mixing transfer dye from powder


Transferring colour to fabric

Overview: the process in pictures

Section 2. Projects

Cutting Away/Reverse Appliqué



Postcards From Lutradur

Lutradur Through The Printer

Altered Quilts

Section 3. Gallery

Section 4. Troubleshooting

Section 5. Appendices

NB Section 3, The Gallery, is on a separate PDF file for ease of access and printing.

Lovely Lutradur costs:
Australia $25 inclusive of postage
United Kingdom 12 GBP- inclusive of postage
Europe 15 Euros inclusive of postage
USA $24 inclusive of postage

To purchase, click on the Paypal icon below. You will be charged in UK Sterling. Make sure that the address you have on Paypal is up to date, as that is where I'll be sending your CD!


kim* said...

That's cool :)

dianeclancy said...

Hi Marion,

This looks wonderful!! Congratulations!!

If I were still doing a lot of fabric work, I would get it ... I love reverse applique!!

I am still running my give-away

~ Diane Clancy

Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Congratulations Marion!

Not sure if you have seen my blog recently? I have been writing for DIY City Magazine... I cover book reviews as part of my articles. I would be more than happy to review and submit your CD book for the magazine.

Let me know if you are interested.

And really well done!
Sara x

whimsicalpam said...

Wow - a wonderful idea! Creativity begets creativity:)