Saturday, 8 November 2008

If You Have Had Your Eye...

on something in my Etsy shops, then now might be the right time to buy. I'm taking part in the VAST (Visual Arts Etsy) Holiday Sale, and twenty per cent will be taken off the price of anything you choose in either artmixter at etsy or artmixter's purelypainting at etsy. However, that does exclude Lovely Lutradur CDs, which you can find for sale here.

As you might know, my Artmixter shop on Etsy has all sorts of artworks in it, mainly textiles, mixed media and some hand bound small journals. Purely Painting, though, is just what it says... it has paintings of all descriptions. So, as I say, now would be the time to buy... why not go for a wee browse... you know you want to! If you do decide to buy something, contact me first, and I'll adjust the price for you.

The images show a piece from both shops, each one of my personal favourites. The painting is 'Matryoshka', and is oil on canvas. The textile is Curvilinear, a very recent lutradur piece. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

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Devin said...

I love those paintings they are so interesting and colorful:0)