Monday, 8 December 2008

Branching Out.

As you may know, I wear two 'hats'; as well as making and writing about art, I spent many years working with individuals and groups in a business setting. So, not being one to waste anything, I've decided to combine those two skill sets, and offer a new service; Quilt Creative Coaching.

I remember what it was like starting out as an art quilter. It was scary. At that time, there were very few books to consult, and finding another art quilter was...well...difficult, except on the internet. Which was why I started alternativequiltlist, on yahoogroups, so that I could communicate with other art quilters, and they with me and each other. That group is still going, albeit in a quiet, reduced form, but I wanted to offer the opportunity to work with me in a more direct way. I love helping people to find their own ways of working, their own process, at a rate and pace that suits them. So, I am offering to coach art quilters, at whatever stage of their development, from 'I'd love to, but I'm scared' to 'I've been doing this for years, now'. I offer a range of options that will, I hope, meet everyone's needs, but which will be tailored specifically to each individual. I don't want a lot of people working like me; I want lots of people working like themselves!

And whilst the service is aimed at art quilters, I can, in fact, coach artists from any discipline. Creativity is creativity, no matter how it is expressed!

The information is given below. If you would like to talk to me about it, please email me. I will phone you to discuss it. And yes, I do cover the US, Europe and Australia! If you would like a bit of a helping hand with your own development as an artist, I would be happy to work with you.

Why Coaching?
Most people who are interested in working with a coach, want to do so because they feel ‘stuck’ or ‘blocked’ in some area of their life. Quilt Creative Coaching is an opportunity to identify the issues that you feel are holding you back, and to create a plan to deal with those issues. It’s ideal for everyone who has ever said, I’d love to make art quilts (or art anything…), but I don’t know where to start. It helps you to assess who you are, where you are, and what you really, really want. Of course, it does involve a bit of hard work; I can help you to create a plan, and help you to stay on track, but I can’t actually do the work for you. Your investment in yourself, though, will have a number of dividends; you will have a clear focus and intention towards your work, as well as a plan of action for carrying it out.
What Would We Be Considering?
What is it we need when we start creative work? I have identified six main headings.

Ideas. No artist can be without them! No ideas = No art.

Materials. Same here, really. Though you might be surprised by what you really need, and what is simply wishful thinking or pure creative lust!

Techniques. How you do what you do.

Space. You do need a place to work. And in an ideal world, it would be a dedicated space. But it’s possible to work in any situation, if you really want to.

Time. I’m sure we all know about that one!

Support. Everything is much easier when the people around you cooperate and support you in what you are doing.

We would use these key areas to help us to focus on what it is you need to change in order to clear the decks for creative work.

How Does Coaching Work?

Quilt Creative Coaching is an opportunity to work one to one or in a very small, closed group with Marion Barnett (or Artmixter, as she is known in the blog world), an experienced art quilter, and a specialist in Self Development techniques. She will work with you, both over the phone and by email, or in person, to establish what is blocking your creativity, and how you can work with those issues to remove them, or at least to make them manageable. Each session lasts approximately one hour, unless otherwise stated, and will focus solely on you.
You can choose between a number of options. Where it is required, the diagnostic session is free of charge, and there is no obligation to continue with the coaching past that session. If you continue with one to one coaching, then you are also entitled to unlimited email contact to the end of your final session. Other services may include a review session, as stated below.

A one off diagnostic session, that helps you to focus on what the issues are across all six of the key areas described above, plus a planning session and unlimited email contact to the end of the final session. Duration, approx two weeks. Cost : £50

A diagnostic session, plus three planning sessions and unlimited email contact to the end of the final session. Duration, approx one month. Cost: £150 (£130 if paid in advance).

A diagnostic session, plus a session to look at each of the key areas, and a final session to review your success, and unlimited email contact to the end of the final session. Duration: approx two months. Cost: £350 (£300 if paid in advance).

A one off review session. This would last two hours, and would involve us looking together at your work, discussing its development and exploring potential new avenues for you to consider. This is best done face to face, but could be done by telephone, providing you have very good images of your work. A review session by telephone would be scheduled for the following week. Duration : Two weeks. Cost : £60

A play day. This would entitle you to a full day to explore techniques and materials that perhaps you have been avoiding, or wish to explore in a more extensive fashion. Everything in my fully stocked studio is at your disposal, and I will support you throughout the day. Lunch is provided. You could choose to bring along two friends, if you wish, and split the cost between you. There is no review or email contact offered with this service. Duration : One day. Cost : £120

A theme day. Start from scratch and build your own process for working with a particular theme. Everything in my fully stocked studio is at your disposal, and I will support you throughout the day. Lunch is provided. You could choose to bring along two friends, if you wish, and split the cost between you. There is no review or email contact offered with this service. Duration : One day. Cost : £120

About Me:
I'm Marion, a Scottish artist living and working in a tiny village in Norfolk. I have a portfolio of skills and experience, which I offer to share with you in a number of different ways. I make and sell art of all descriptions,with a current focus on mixed media and textile art for domestic and commercial interiors.

I offer workshops based in my studio, The Little Green Shed, for up to four people. These are bespoke workshops, but I also offer workshops for larger groups throughout the country by arrangement. I write and self publish instructional books for artists; my first has just been published (Lovely Lutradur with Dijanne Cevaal), and two more are in production. I am also happy to work one to one with artists on the theme of their choice, whether technique or process focussed.

I also offer coaching services to small businesses, based on my experience as a Human Resources and Self Development Manager. I believe that we are all creative, and that we are all capable of self expression, in any part of our lives, and my coaching is tailored to help you find the answers you already have, but aren't aware of yet.

If you would like to discuss any of these coaching services, please email me at I look forward to hearing from you...lets talk!


Myfanwy said...

Why waste a skill if you have it? Go for it. I wish you every success.

maryeb said...

Wonderful idea!! It sounds like a winner to me.

Julie said...

The very best of luck with this new enterprise Marion. It sounds a great idea.

Diane Elizabeth said...

Marion -- you have certainly "put it all together". Congrats -- Diane

AltheaP said...

Ahh, may you have much success!

TiLT said...

Hope the Pluggers yahoo thread helped find more outlets...this sounds like a great service...which is one of the reasons I tagged you :) Love your art & maybe the tag can help direct people to your service too...

check out the tag at
hope you'll play along...either way - wanted to you to know your work is appreciated :)

Robyn L. Coburn said...

Good luck with this enterprise. I love the quilt in the photo - but then I'm a sucker for spirals.


great idea. i see so many quilts out there that lack personality, cretivity and innovation. good luck to you!

Digital Misfit said...

What a unique and wonderful service you are providing. My main issue as an artist is motivation. I have the ideas, but I am lazy. I am trying to work through that.
Best of luck to you in your new venture, and continued success and inspiration in your own artistic endeavors.

Drew said...

Good luck, Marion. I'm sure you're just the right person to help lots of people discover and develop the skills that are lurking inside them,just waiting to burst forth.