Thursday, 1 January 2009

Looking Forwards, Looking Back.

Happy New Year! I hope everyone will have a joyful and successful New Year, whatever that means to you...

For me, New Year is a time for looking back, and looking forward. I want to get better at what I do, and to do that, I don't just need to plan for new things (and believe me, I have plans!!), but to reflect on what I've done in the past year. And for that, I'd like to enlist your help. I'd like every person who reads this, to give me a piece of feedback, about this blog, my other blogs, my Etsy shop, anything at all. In return, I'd like to give you an original ACEO, a small piece of my own work, like the ones I'm showing at the top of this post. PLEASE make sure that I can contact you; my email address is in my profile, but not everyone can be contacted in this way. And if you would like a piece of feedback from me, let me know, and I'll go and look at whatever it is you want feedback on!

To make things simple, my links are embedded here; the artmixteremporium blog, you are already reading, obviously! But there's my main blog and my etsy shops, artmixter and purelypainting I would love to hear what you think, so that I can improve what I do. Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for the feedback! I'll be in touch to get your contact details, so please do remember to supply a contact email address.


Sixsisters said...

Marion I would love to have one of your aceos!
To be honest I find your blogs to be helpful and interesting. I love the way they are layed out and
they way they look. I can't find anything to be critical
Here is my email

Have a great New Year !

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

I am far more intrigued by your painting than I am by your collage work. Do you have more training in painting, or is it simply what you enjoy the most? Your painted pieces are very indicative of your emotions, and that draws the viewer in and makes you human to them. I wish you a creative, inspiring and artistic new year!

artcsara said...

I love your pieces with a lot of texture. I am always drawn to a lot of texture in art, and you do a great job of showing each layer to your art. The colors are amazing! I visited your Etsy shop and found myself clicking away for a long bit of time. Truly great work!

artcsara at

Rita said...

i really like the different styles, colors, materials and paints you use. all of your artwork is beautiful and original. Your blog is informative and tells us who you are as an artist all in all your art is amazing and i wish the most of luck in the future.
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